RevelHMI Benefits

RevelHMI’s™ technology offers many advantages for product developers and manufacturers. For product developers we offer a complete solution with rapid design and optimization services. Our technology enables smaller devices with better performance and higher quality than any other technology can support. For manufactures RevelHMI’s technology enables a simpler supply chain that lowers costs and improves quality.

Consumer Benefits

RevelHMI’s technology enables new product forms and features that were not possible with any other vibration technology. Consumer demands are trending toward smaller devices with more features and our technology will deliver that. We offer the capability to provide the following:

Smaller Devices

We use smaller components with a smaller system footprint than other vibration technologies. RevelHMI’s motors are also more efficient, so they require less battery power.

New Forms

Our motor’s smaller footprint coupled with our numerous driver configurations give the flexibility to invent new product forms.

Better Performance

RevelHMI’s technology is breaks existing barriers for vibration performance and efficiency enabling devices that perform better with longer battery life. 

By providing a broader range of vibration frequencies and power in a highly consistent manner, we enable high-definition haptic interfaces.  HD Haptics have the potential to radically improve how people use and communicate with devices.

Better Interfaces


Product Developer Benefits

RevelHMI’s technology makes it easier for product developers and designer who require vibration motors to deliver disruptive products while minimizing design effort and risk.

The Only Integrated Solution

RevelHMI is the only company that offers all the components and the software needed to design and build vibration customized to your device. Other vendors supply off-the-shelf components and let you assemble them.

The Most Scalable Solution

We can offer virtually any relevant configuration of power and frequency, well beyond the capability of other technologies. 

Easiest Performance Optimization

Easiest Performance Optimization – We can rapidly deliver a solution that is optimized to meet your exact performance goals for any particular device. Other vendors only supply off-the-shelf components, which have limited flexibility for optimization.


Manufacturing Benefits

RevelHMI’s system improves a device’s supply chain and lowers cost. Our solution requires very few mechanical components, and all components are simple in construction. 

A Single Vendor

RevelHMI is the only vendor for any components in your vibration solution.

Fewer Components

RevelHMI’s motors require very few components. In many cases, the driver can be replaced with the device’s embedded microprocessor.

Flexible Delivery Model

RevelHMI’s sells components that can be installed like any other PCB component. For higher performance and high-volume applications we can also license our technology for smaller, device optimized and lower cost solutions.

High Quality and Consistency

Our motors provide extremely consistent operation, unit to unit with low failure rates during production or in consumer hands.

Lower Labor Costs

In most configurations, the enter system is automated and installed at the PCB fabricator without the need for hand soldering.