RevelHMI Product

RevelHMI's develops vibration solutions that enable dramatically improved haptic in mobile devices. We work with some of the largest brands on the planet to enable next-generation haptic response in their products. Consumers will see products containing RevelHMI technology starting in 2019.

RevelHMI’s Haptic Components

RevelHMI is the only vendor that offers a complete haptic solution consisting of hardware, electronics, firmware and APIs to implement advanced haptic capabilities in your next product. We have developed a broad line of highly scalable components that we can combine and optimize into a system to provide performance capabilities that are outside of the performance envelope of existing technologies.

High-performance resonating actuators

  • Single actuators or arrays of actuators for VR/AR/Gaming Controllers
  • Single-speed and broad-frequency response capabilities
  • Highly scalable from low-frequency to high-frequency operation with record breaking power densities (g-force/cubic millimeter)
  • Industr's best reliability and consistency
  • Linear and non-linear motion

Advanced Motor Drivers

  • Dramatically improves motor performance by removing phase shift issues, improving resonance tracking in light-weight devices
  • Driver can be integrated inside the actuator or in existing ASIC of device

Complete Haptic APIs

  • We have a full stack of Haptic APIs that make it simple for developers to develop compelling software that uses the full capabilities of our advanced haptic devices

RevelHMI Delivery Options

Depending on your specific performance and size requirements, and your production capabilities, we can deliver solution as a single integrated component, discrete components or we can license our technology to be incorporated inside of your product.

RevelHMI Professional Services

RevelHMI has deep skills in developing vibration-based systems and provides professional services to develop haptic solutions for our customers.  We are able to rapidly design and optimize solutions that meet specific performance and size requirements. We are able to reduce development time, risk and cost and ensure that the product that is built meets your goals without compromise 

Contact us to see how we can partner with you to define, design and build your next breakaway product