RevelHMI Product

RevelHMI's™ technology is a complete configurable vibration system that can be licensed from. RevelHMI motors can be configured to perfectly fit any vibration motor use case.

RevelHMI Configurations

RevelHMI technology includes a scalable range of components that can be used to rapidly develop high performance devices.

Resonating Actuators

High performance resonating actuators:

  • Internal or External Actuation
  • Single or Dual Axis
  • Scalable from small to large
  • Broad range of resonant frequencies
  • Multi-resonant frequencies


Variety of scalable electromagnet designs:

  • e-coil
  • Wound copper
  • Thin film

Motor Drivers

Range of driver options:

  • Variety Platforms (ASIC/FPGA, Dedicated Microprocessor or shared Microprocessor)
  • Complete circuitry 

Software APIs

Variety of simple APIs for:

  • HD Haptic Configuration Example
  • Motor actuator control
  • Modes
  • Battery Saving Features

RevelHMI Use Case and Applications

RevelHMI’s technology is a scalable and configurable vibration solution that can be used to build breakaway products that feature vibration in a broad range applications including:

Motive Applications

Devices that ‘do work’ with internal or external actuation.

  • Consumer Appliances – skin care, massage, pleasure products
  • Industrial/Medical Devices

RevelHMI motors will help you build battery powered devices with equivalent power to a plug in device.

Buzzer Feedback

Notify user of event

  • Mobile Devices
  • Gaming Controllers

Haptic Feedback

Convey message by vibration

  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Watches
  • Medical and Industrial Devices