Next-Generation Haptic Technology

At RevelHMI, we are developing high-definition haptic technology that we believe will dramatically improve how people interact with devices and fundamentally change the form of devices themselves.
— Robin Elenga, CEO RevelHMI

RevelHMI has developed multiple vibration technologies to improve haptic feedback in a wide variety of electronic devices. We focus on all components of a vibration system to enable new levels of performance and to remove issues caused by existing vibration components.

RevelHMI Haptic Actuators 

RevelHMI has developed multiple technologies to improve performance of resonating actuators. We have developed solutions to improve power, efficiency, broaden frequency response and to improve consistency and reliability while also simplifying the design to allow mass production and small space requirements. We have developed multiple actuator designs, each with specific performance advantages, that are highly scalable to allow us to rapidly develop solutions that meet specific performance and size requirements.

In general, actuators create vibration by moving a mass over a specific distance and back at a certain frequency. This typically results in a small actuator that is only capable of high speed operation (that humans cannot perceive very well) or very large actuators that operate at lower frequencies. We have developed innovative solutions that allow us to build smaller motors, that operate at lower frequencies with high levels of vibration power and improved efficiency.

RevelHMI Integrated Haptic Driver

RevelHMI has developed a new resonating motor driver technology that is optimized to deliver maximum performance from our actuators, which require extremely precise drive signals. Our driver uses a new sensor system and drive algorithm that improves resonance tracking while removing phase shift issues to improve power and efficiency. This driver innovation allows the use of highly efficient High-Q actuators to provide broad frequency response and to rapidly and accurately adapt to dynamic shifts in dampening.

We developed our haptic driver to support our broad range of highly scalable actuators. Our driver allows us to rapidly develop solutions that require a specific haptic response, including broad ranges of power and frequency response. We can integrate this optimized driver inside of our actuators to reduce PCB-footprint and simplify supply chains.

RevelHMI Haptic APIs

Existing haptic actuators and drivers have very limited performance, so existing haptic APIs are very simple, usually a single API that has a parameter to turn a motor on for a specific time.

To enable software developers to harness the full power of our actuators, with their much greater range of frequencies and vibration power, we have developed a full set of haptic APIs. RevelHMI’s APIs allowing developers to easily build solutions that provide valuable haptic feedback for a wide variety of devices.

RevelHMI’s Haptic APIs were developed by the engineer behind Microsoft’s DirectX. They support a broad range of vibration patterns, haptic signals and enable multiple layers of abstraction, allowing a developer to build solutions that are supported by a wide variety of hardware implementations.

RevelHMI Technology Benefits

RevelHMI is focused understanding product designers and engineer’s goals and resolving issues created by existing technologies to develop a new haptic solution that provides significant benefits for consumers, product designers and supply chains including:

Dramatically Improved User Experience

  • High power, lower frequency operation creates vibration that consumers are better able to perceive
  • Improved start times, stop times, power modulation, and frequency control to enable crisp, highly consistent haptic feedback

Smaller Devices

  • Remove size constraints with a smaller solution and better performance

Improved Battery Life

  • Our solution provides much better power efficiency, allowing longer battery life, even with the greater haptic utilization that is expected from improved haptic experience
  • Smaller actuator size and PCB-footprint allows the use of larger batteries

Faster Development / Improved Supply Chain

  • Faster product development with less risk because our team to develop a solution that meets exacting performance requirements for your device
  • Single-Component/Single-Vendor – simplify your supply chain by consolidating to a single vendor and a single integrated component
DirectX® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation